All couples that schedule their wedding ceremony at New Birth Kingdom Church International must complete approved premarital counseling sessions.  This counseling session is to assist couples in developing skills to navigate their way through marriage successfully and to identify (and if possible resolve) areas of differences amongst themselves.  These differences, if not resolved prior to marriage, may become a source of conflict later.

Before a wedding is actually scheduled with the church, the couple should call the Counseling Department for an appointment to discuss premarital counseling.  Please call the Counseling Department at 618-549-4963.

Marriage Counseling (as well as pre-marital counseling) is preceded and supported by the use of the Prepare and Enrich Counseling Inventory. We also offer Marriage Enrichment Seminars throughout the year to strengthen our married couples’ relationships.

Grief Counseling is facilitating support services for individuals who are grieving the death of a loved one.  Grief Share is this special  seminar  purposed to provide compassion and comfort.  The attendees will experience a facilitated journey of healing – finding Joy on the other side of Mourning (offered on an as needed basis).

Parenting Counseling– Parenting According to the Bible – This seminar is offered at least once a year to all parents.  One on one counseling is also available for parents along with their children to foster open discussion and understanding.