New Birth’s Radically Anointed Women’s (R.A.W.) Ministry strives to unify a diverse group of women, enabling them to display positive attributes through their relationships with one another and uniting in prayer as we mature in our personal relationship with Christ.  As we persevere through prayer and study of the Word of God, we will allow the anointing of God to be released through us to set other women free. Our mission is to create a community that connects and fosters spiritual growth in women of all ages, ethnicities and

We want women to know that wherever they are on their spiritual journey, whether they are just starting to ask questions about God or already have a relationship with Jesus, we would like to assist them on their journey.

  • Retired & Refired –These are our over 60 women who are responsible for preparing and assisting in serving monthly communion, preparing women for baptism and caring for all baptismal items.
  • W.A.R. – Winning and Restoring.  Small groups for women of ages 18 and up.  The goal is for each woman to win at least one woman and begin to disciple her.
  • Women’s Fellowship – Various activities and opportunities that foster relationships in our congregation.

Our ministry leaves no shortage of opportunities.  In fact, we like to think anyone can find a ministry that fits their gifting and calling perfectly.